Where to admire modern art

Modern art must be one of the most overlooked pastimes in this multimedia-saturated present. However, the simple practice of admiring paintings belonging to major artists can become addictive. More so if it is done in a city obsessed with culture like the capital of the Czech Republic. A simple stroll through the city will present you and your escorts with multiple chances of appreciating rare exhibits.


The Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art

This impressive building hosts some of the most important works of modern and contemporary art belonging to Czech culture. Here you can admire the impressive paintings of Alphonse Mucha that depict the history of the Slav people. A guided tour is a must during a visit here. However, since the museum is constantly overwhelmed by tourists, you might not find one available. Therefore, it is recommended that you apply for the services of a Prague escort from http://www.escortdirectory.com/. These beautiful girls are major art lovers and would be glad to give you a tour of this imposing exhibition.

This Prague Museum also displays works from some of the most important artists of the 20th century. Among them you will find paintings by Pablo Picasso or Auguste Renoir. This art collection is the ideal place to find out more about European art and its universal influence. The curators have also made good use of technology and implemented an audio guide for the museum. This way, you and your lady friends from the Escort Directory can venture through the gallery listening to a unique presentation in your language of choice.

Admire paintings from local artists

The Czech Republic is widely known for its cultural heritage. Every year, thousands of tourists flock to this central European country to admire art exhibitions. Some of the most sought after galleries belong to the local artists. These painters are strongly supported by the local councils and they never fail to impress with their works of art. During your trip here, do not miss the chance to take your Prague escort to one of these showings. Here, you can both indulge in some of the most spectacular paintings ever made.

Your visit at a local gallery is a lot more than just financial support for the artists showcased there. A large exposure of their art and recognition for their many years of study is what they use as a fuel for their inspiration. You can add to that by convincing your friends and your escorts to purchase one of their paintings. This will support the painter’s confidence and your companions will gain a nice piece of art for their living room.

Where are the best exhibitions?

Some of the best art exhibitions in the Czech Republic can be found in the capital city. Their large number makes it almost impossible for the tourist guides to keep track of all the new galleries. If you want to admire the newest modern art paintings, ask a Prague escort to accompany you. These classy women are the ideal partners for lengthy art visits.

If you want to make the best of your Prague trip, take your escorts to the major art exhibitions in the city. Some of them are temporary and with limited access, so make sure you book a ticket before getting there.